October 2, 2014

October Cleaning Challenge- Day Two

 Day Two- Microwave

 This is my microwave area. We just got this microwave about a month ago. This is my first time cleaning it since we got it, as we had a small splatter of spaghetti sauce over this past weekend in it.

I didn't really realize how dirty it was till I looked at the pictures. Those finger prints on the door I wasn't able to see until I took the picture and the flash picked them up.

Since this is such a small area of cleaning today I am sharing my tips to get a clean microwave in just minutes without scrubbing! 

What you need:
1 1/2 cups of water
1/2 cups of vinegar
Wet rag (not pictured)

Once water and vinegar are in the bowl place in the microwave for 5 minutes.

During this time I wiped the outside of my microwave down since there were crumbs from our toaster and dust on top. 

Then time was up. I grabbed my wet rag and wiped all surfaces down. You should not have to scrub at all, it should wipe off easily. 

Everything is all clean and no more spaghetti sauce splatters! It looks brand new inside!

The outside is all clean, also! No more crumbs or finger prints!

Did you join in on the October Cleaning Challenge and blog about it?
If so leave a comment with your blog post or just share that you joined in!

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