October 3, 2014

October Cleaning Challenge- Day Three

Day Three- Fridge
Today the challenge is to clean our fridge! This was not a hard challenge at all because it is the day before grocery shopping here and well our fridge was pretty bare. 
This is our fridge. Can't get a frontal view of the whole thing as our kitchen is so small.

The inside of our fridge right now is drinks, leftovers, condiments, croutons, butter, eggs, and lunch meats. Everything just seems to get thrown in there without a spot that it goes. So it was pretty much a mess.

The freezer was a mess as we don't use it very much (other than for fast cook food items that are easy to make or frozen fruit for smoothies) since we have a deep freezer in the garage. 

 I am much happier now that everything is in a specific spot and much neater looking. I might look in the fridge a lot more just to see how neat it looks. While I was moving things around I wiped the shelves down with a Clorox wipe.

  I went ahead and tackled our indoor freezer (not even going to try the deep freezer right now, maybe another day. So everything is a bit neater in there, too! 

I hope you joined in on this really easy challenge today of cleaning your fridge!
Did you join in on the October Cleaning Challenge and blog about it?
If so leave a comment with your blog post or just share that you joined in!

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