July 26, 2018

Updated School Room

With my boys getting older it was time for an updated and new school room look! Took me most of the summer to gather everything I was really wanting and to achieve the look I was going for.

This is when you walk in to the room. The grid will be used to hang important papers from Units we will be doing and to show off work that my boys do.

I decided to get a couple of maps to use as learning material and decoration for the room. My goal was to keep the room very simple and clean. 

Our homemade white board made from marker board from Lowes. The sign to the left will be used to post encouraging quotes. Under the white board is our time line for History 1.

Our new book display that my husband built for us. I love being able to see what the boys are going to read this next school year and some of our read aloud books. 

My desk area

The shelf with drawers is filled with our school supplies. On top of it is my youngest boys Science theme that we are starting with. I also found some nature posters to hang above to go with the Science theme.

My kids desks and chairs from IKEA both look the same. They each have a set of drawers with their school books in them. And our most used supplies are in the middle of the table to share. 

I love that I achieved exactly what I was going for and was able to get rid of so much clutter. Now we all know as Homeschoolers that it might be clean at the beginning of the year but it never stays this way for long. 

I will be back with more posts on what curriculum we chose for 5th Grade and 7th Grade in the next couple of weeks!

We will officially be starting the 2018-2019 school year August 13th. 

When are you starting the school year or have you already started?

May 15, 2018

Finding What Works

If you are just starting out homeschooling it can be very overwhelming when choosing curriculum. I am entering my 3rd year of buying curriculum, and I finally feel that I have found what works for my family. Go into it knowing that what you chose may or may not work and always be ready to make changes. 

Over the past 2 years I have started each year thinking I found the perfect curriculum for my kids. To only get a few months in and realize it's not working. Then I have to find a way to get something that will work. It can be frustrating or overwhelming, but once you find what works and your child's learning style it gets better! 

My oldest has always hated Math. I started him the first year using Saxon, because I felt I would be able to teach it to his understanding level. It worked but he still hated it. Then I decided to look at his interests. He loves video games and computer time. Why not find a program that will meet his interests while learning. So we started using Teaching Textbooks. It has been a totally different and pleasing year with Math! He loves it and we will continue to use it.

Image result for math sybols

I also learned that minimal curriculum is better. Becoming a minimalist and realizing that less is more has been a blessing in disguise. Our first year I felt I needed to focus on just the basic subjects and we managed to get through them. This year I decided we needed to have writing, handwriting, spelling, geography and all this extra curriculum, which almost seemed like busy work in the end. I ended up setting it all aside and finding something that had it all mixed in and wasn't so overwhelming. We started using The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts and fell in love with this curriculum. We used the Science curriculum also and I could go on and on about how much we love this curriculum! It's very open and go, and they have just made it so easy to teach without stressing about all these extra subjects. 

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It just goes to show that you can think you have it all figured out but they are kids and they will through curve balls at you. Interests will change and curriculum will need to be changed. If you go into it knowing this it helps when the stress of making a change has to happen.