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July 15, 2016

Another Shopping Post!!

I obviously have a school shopping problem. Although I will blame it on Instagram and the #targetdollarspot. If you don't check that hashtag already, stay away from it. I have found it addicting to check it daily!

With that said I made another run to the Target Dollar Spot last week and found some more goodies for our school room!

 I started by finding another one of the Maps except this one is dry erase and is of the World for $3. I stumbled upon bulletin board border so I grabbed two packs of those for $1 a piece. And I also found Word Strips to use in the pocket chart I bought last trip for $1. 

I am a sucker for cute ways to organize! I found these little tin pails for $1 each and they match several of the decor items I have bought! The little rectangle bins were also $1 each and I plan to use them for glue stick storage, dry erase markers, and whatever else I can fit in them!

These string lights I just bought because they are cute and match other decorations in the room! They were $3 I believe! They run off batteries too which I thought was nice!

 I bought two of the clip strips as my plan is to use them above the boys desk to hang their spelling words for the week and any other important papers! They were $3! I also stumbled upon this cute Learn sign and plan to place it on our book shelf! It was $3, also!

Next was some of the blank books that are already stapled and ready to go for the creative mind! My boys have already been coming up with ideas of ways to use these! They were $3! I also grabbed a few fun pencils for $1 each as my boys love these types of pencils over the regular yellow ones. 

I grabbed another set of flash cards from the Dollar Spot on the United States to go with our Geography lessons. They are $1! I will add there are a ton of different subject of flash cards there, too!

I also remembered that when my boys were in public school they always loved coming home with special erasers for rewards. So I went ahead and grabbed a couple packs of fun erasers to use as rewards! They were $1 each. And then I saw some $1 paper clips and knew it was one item I didn't have in my desk so I grabbed them!

Be ready for many more shopping trips as I head out this weekend to get our school supplies and hit up Dollar Tree's school section! I may even sneak into Target again! I tell you I have a school shopping problem! It's just too hard to pass up all of the cute things!

July 14, 2016

Create Your Own Dry Erase Board

I decided with our dedicated school room that I either wanted a dry erase board or a chalk board. I tossed the ideas back and forth for a month or so on what I really wanted. I knew chalk board was out as chalk is too messy and I didn't want to deal with that. So I started looking at dry erase boards and like many homeschoolers know, they are expensive!! So I was desperate to find a cheap alternative that would work just as good and save us some big money! I was not spending 100$ or more on this!

I went to Lowe's to look for something that would work. I started rethinking maybe I should just do chalk. We could always just paint with chalkboard paint right on the wall and that wouldn't be too expensive. I kept going back to the mess though. So while at Lowe's I did a google search for how to make your own dry erase board from Lowe's. The first thing to pop up was Marker board

I went right over to the isle it stated it was on and found this huge board that was 8 ft. long. My husband grabbed it and headed to the saw as they will cut it for free. Of course as we head that way we see the Saw Broken sign. So I started thinking what to do, how are we going to get this home and cut it ourselves. Is it even possible!? 

My next decision was not to get it, I would figure something else out. I then start heading out of the isle, low and behold I find a smaller piece!!! I look to see what the measurements are and they are an inch or two smaller than what I was wanting but it would work and I brought it home!! 

The total cost of this was $11.00!!! 

$10.00 for the Marker Board
$1.00 for the bulletin board borders from the Target Dollar Spot!

Figured I would share with others so people don't end up spending 100+ dollars on the same thing I put together for $11.00!!