September 20, 2018

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 GIVEAWAY

This year we chose to use Teaching Textbooks new online subscription. Last year was our first year using Teaching Textbooks and we love it!! I found it took the stress out of math for my oldest and he actually started to enjoy doing math. This year I knew I wanted both of my children to use it.

The reason I decided to continue using Teaching Textbooks is because it is fun and my kids are learning at the same time. I hear laughter every lesson.

My goal as a homeschool mom is to create a love for all subjects and areas that they are working on. I want them to enjoy what they are doing even when they might be having a hard time with a problem. 

Another reason I love Teaching Textbooks is that it is very independent. My children have a schedule everyday and when it is math time they know how to get to the website and log in to their own area and continue with the next lesson. It makes it easy on me and I think it makes them feel more responsible for their time and work.

As you may or may not know Teaching Textbooks 2.0 was book and discs that were shipped to your house before the 3.0 version was released. Everything from the lectures to problems is all online in the 3.0 platform. 

So you may be asking yourself if there is still an option to have a book with the 3.0 version. In the parent area of the 3.0 platform they offer an E-book for each level you are subscribed to. The answer key is also available there. 

This year I love how flexible it is. My boys can use any of the computers in our household and even their tablets because it is online based. 

One thing my kids both have loved is the new buddies and new backgrounds. We use them as rewards. When the kids get a 100 on a lesson or a quiz, they can chose a new background or buddy. It gives them a little incentive to really master the lessons and quizzes. 

As you can see in the picture below the program even offers hints here and there throughout the lessons. They get to chose if they want to use it or not, but it gives them a little information that may help them with solving the problem. You also have control on if you want them to have hints offered.

When they are working on problems, you can set it to allow them two chances or turn that option off. It is extremely functional and easily changed all from the parent area.

My favorite part is that with the 3.0 version I can keep track of grades on any computer. It is not stuck on just one computer as it was with the 2.0 version. I can pull up their grade as soon as they finish a lesson right from my smartphone because of the permanent grade storage they now offer. It makes it so easy to keep up with how they are doing without being right over their shoulder.

The new version 3.0 is extremely affordable now too!
They now offer a Family Plan if you have 4 to 8 students you can get the versions you need at a discounted price. 

They even offer a Free Trial to try it out!! 

When you subscribe you are given a year long subscription to the level of your choice. You are also given 3 months of pause time. This is great if you are traveling and plan to not have school time, just pause it for the time you are away. 

Teaching Textbooks is so kind to offer a GIVEAWAY of a one year subscription of any level that the winner chooses.

Giveaway ends Oct 1 at 12 am.

September 17, 2018

Chibi Chip Starter Kit

We were sent the Chibi Chip Starter Kit from Timberdoodle.
My boys were so excited to receive this coding set and we got started right away.

This is how the kit arrives and everything that comes in it.

The kit includes everything you need except 3 AA batteries. 

The book is a nice binder that has step by step learning instructions on how to light up an LED, code a light to blink, add a switch, fade in and out, and debugging. My only complaint was that the binder rings could have been a little bigger as it was difficult to turn pages with out tearing them.

We worked as a group on the coding projects as both of my boys are interested in coding. The Chibi Chip Starter Kit is part of the Timberdoodle 7th Grade Curriculum Kit

The first activity is creating a circuit and lighting an LED light. We laid down the copper tape as the books says and added the Chibi Chip Clip to the page and it lit up! The boys thought it was so neat! They were very amazed at how it worked. 

We moved on in the first section of the book and it showed us how we could add two more lights to the previous section and that all three would light up. So of course we had to try it out!

The last part of the first section included how to do turns and to create circuits with turns. They worked together and added lights all along the path. The lights lit just as they should and the boys again we so excited!


My favorite part of this kit was that not only was it hands on, but it was also very informative with how each aspect worked. They learned about electricity and circuits. We will be continuing through this kit over the school year and I can't wait to see how much more they learn. 

If you are interested in the Chibi Chip Starter Kit head over to Timberdoodle to get it!
I highly recommend it! 

(I was given the starter kit in this review by Timberdoodle, but all opinions are my own)