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March 9, 2015

Living/Dining Remodel Part 2

Part 2 of the process of redoing our living and dining room is finally here! 

The painting process.  
I was a horrible blogger during this process as I only really got one picture during the actual painting part! What's worse is I didn't even realize it until we were done with the room. 

So here it is. As you can see we do it backwards than most people. We don't cut in the room like a professional and never have. The edges are the part of the painting that I would rather leave to the end because I don't like that part. Plus I started this while my husband was sleeping and I don't do ladders so I did what I could.

We painted with Valspar Ultra Primer and Paint in one from Lowe's. The name of the color is Gravity. I picked a Satin for the walls. At first I wasn't sure if it was going to work because I was afraid it had a blue hint but I realized it was the lighting in the house and it has really grown on me to be a perfect light gray! 

I strongly suggest getting paint samples in colors you think you might like and put them on your own walls at home and leave them for a week to see if you really like it. 

The process was really fast and only took us a couple days.

I never realized how much a change in color can change the look of a room. 
The room feels much larger now! 

I also figured while furniture was pulled away from the walls that it was time to touch up baseboards and window sills. So I just got the Valspar Ultra Paint and Primer in one and didn't have them put any color in it and left it the white it comes in. It was perfect. We also painted the doors in the same color. 

My one key tip to getting paint done with as little mess as possible is to use the Home Right Paint Stick from Lowe's. We didn't even have to use drop cloths! And no I am not an affiliate of Lowes I just really love this product!

To see Part 1 (The before pictures) click HERE.

The next part of this process was picking out furniture!
Check back in a few days to see what we bought from Big Lots!!!

February 20, 2015

Living/Dining Room Remodel Part 1

Our living room has been something I have wanted to tackle for quite some time. It just never seemed to be at the top of the list for new furniture, new decorations, or anything. At the time I took these pictures beware, it was a disaster! I was dealing with back issues and it came to the time we had planned to start this process. So the before pictures are a bit messy, as let's be honest when pain is present who feels like cleaning. 

We decided to go ahead and do both dining room, living room, and hallway as they all have overlapping walls.

This is our dining room. We got this table really cheap when we moved into this house and although it has been an okay table it wasn't my favorite as the chairs didn't have backs on them.  Luckily for me it was part of the furniture that we were passing on! 

The living room. (Ugh! Embarrassing!) This wall color that was on the walls was very eggshell or yellowy cream. I don't really know what to call it other than not what I was going for! It was on the walls before we moved in. 

The living room space is very open which leads to not having many ways to reorganized or move furniture around. Plus my husband had to have a recliner and it was hard to place in this room other than where it is.

The TV stand we had about 7 years and while there was nothing wrong with it, I hated the cords and mess that was easily seen.

So there are the before pictures of this process. 

The next part was picking a paint color! I thought this was going to be the fun part of the process but picking a gray wall color is hard. We ran into grays that were too light, too dark, too blue, and too purple. Below is a picture of a few of the samples we tried. I definitely recommend when picking a paint color, buying samples and putting them on your own walls. Colors that look good in the store under different lighting will look completely different than at your house. 

We ended up picking Number 5 in the picture above for the walls. 

Next step painting! 

Check back in a few days for another update on the Living/Dining Room Remodel!