January 19, 2017

Curriculum Changes

Homeschooling has been going great and I really have been enjoying teaching the boys!! 
We have had a few changes in curriculum as I felt my boys needed something different than what I had chose. 

My first change was to the History Curriculum. We started the year off using America From the Beginning.

 For my boys it was just over their head and boring. They really hadn't had much History type learning in Public School. So I wanted to change this to find a better approach to create a curiosity into History. They did not like the amount of reading that they had to do and the activities just weren't for them.

Easy Peasy

I decided to look for either something I could put together with activities for them or something that was already out their with the types of activities they enjoyed. I stumbled across Easy Peasy All in One Curriculum and decided to give it a chance. We decided to do the Early American History. It covers the same subject as the first curriculum but it has less reading and more fun for them. It has been a really great change and helped with the bored and empty looks I would get when it was time for History. 

Another subject we have just decided to change is our Science. We had been using the Answers in Genesis- God's Design for Life and while I liked it, I could just tell my boys were not enjoying it. I feel Science is one of those areas that should be fun and experimental and this curriculum just doesn't have that. It is very basic with reading and little activities.

I have decided I will piece ideas together from Pinterest and my own creativity and make my own curriculum. I want to really key into my boys interests. So we are going to start by studying the Solar System. They are excited to learn about the planets, constellations, and just have fun with Science.

I plan to really let them get hands on with experiments in the future as well. I hope to share more of our Science journey as I find new and fun things for them to explore.

With these changes History and Science are no longer boring and there are no more attitude issues about getting the work done. Plus we get to see more smiles and have a little more fun in our learning. 

September 17, 2016

First Two Weeks

We are done with our first two weeks of homeschool and I am blown away! I wish I had homeschooled them from the start. We have learned a lot and the fact that they are soaking it in and talking about it for days after really shows that the one-on-on attention and lessons are good for them.

I wanted to share some pictures and what we have been doing the past two weeks! It was hard to get several pictures in certain subjects! I did what I could! 

We have learned all about Mammals. They copy notes from the board after we have read through our lesson. Then we usually have an activity or worksheet to work on. On Friday we made kangaroo pouches with joeys in them. They also took their first Quiz this week!


We covered Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and Maryland. I read from our National Geographic Atlas and they color their sheet about that state. We also review where the state is located and the Capital. 

We just finished our first unit. It had 5 Lessons and then a building project at the end. We also started our timeline and did some map work. We learned about The First Americans 2348 BC to AD 1500. The last day of this Unit they had to choose a tribe to build the type of houses they lived in. Austin chose the Inuit tribe that lived in Igloos and Dylan choose the Iroquois tribe who lived in Longhouses.



Language Arts

The past two weeks they started their First Language Lessons workbooks. They learned the parts of a book, nouns, and pronouns.


In math they work separately. So one will do independent work while I work on Math with the other. Dylan has been reviewing time, addition, days of the week, and months of the year. Austin has also been reviewing counting money, writing numbers in word form, and odd and even numbers.


They each get a grade appropriate list. They have certain activities to practice their words each day and then on Friday we take a test.


Cursive is done independently twice a week. Right now they are working on the movements to build certain letters.


We are reading Charlotte's Web. So far we are on Chapter 8. We were only reading it twice a week but the boys have asked that we read it more so we are going to start reading it daily starting this week. After we read we work on our Lapbook or Activity that is listed in the curriculum I have.


We just started our Art program this week. They colored the cover to their Lapbook and I have read the assigned pages from the Picasso book. 

This was our first two weeks of homeschooling. They are loving it and I am enjoying having them home and actually knowing what they are learning. It's nice to be able to talk about it with them in the evenings as a review.