October 1, 2014

October Cleaning Challenge- Day One

 Day One- Front Entry

Today starts our October Cleaning Challenge

My front entry way is very small and includes a coat closet. I went ahead and cleaned it as well since it is considered part of our entry way.  I don't use the coat closet very much as I keep most of my shoes in our bedroom but it mainly is used for purses, backpacks, coats, and shoes. My kids are the main users of this closet. Right now it also stores our 2014 Halloween costumes. 

It was very much in need of cleaning as I have neglected it for awhile. My kids have everything just thrown in there. Here is what it looked like before I touched it.

My first step was to pull everything out that was on the floor. I left everything that was hanging as it was where it was supposed to be at this time. That shoe bucket is embarrassing!

 After that I swept and steam mopped the floors.

I love my steam mop except for when it comes to small places like this closet. I then resorted to scrubbing with the Clorox wipes to get around the edges and in the corners. Looks much better!


Once I was done with that and was wishing I could stop because I knew that the next part was shoe sorting. I kept on going with it and tackled this mound of shoes, pool floats (who knows why they were in there), and kids jackets that never get hung up.


The bucket of shoes looked much better so I placed it back in the closet. Hung up my purses which some how managed to get in the bucket of shoes. Then hung up the jackets that were needing to be hung. 

The closet now looks much better as the shoes are nice and neat in the bucket. I moved our boots to the top shelf. Everything looks so clean and organized! I love it!

 And of course the final picture of the front door and closet closed, which also looks amazing!

I am so happy with what I did on the first day of this challenge!
Did you join in on the October Cleaning Challenge and blog about it?
If so leave a comment with your blog post or just share that you joined in!

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  1. Wow looks great! Im off to a late start but I will get there. Thanks for the motivation to get my house clean!


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