October 6, 2014

October Cleaning Challenge- Weekend Recap

Day Four- Cabinets
Day Five- Mirrors
Day Six- Window Sill

Day Four was to cleaning cabinets. I just chose one to share and that is our main kitchen cabinet. This cabinet holds our plates, bowls, and cups. It has also turned into our "junk drawer". We don't have enough drawers to actually have a junk drawer so this cabinet always seems to be the place things get shoved. Not any longer!

My first step was to pull everything out of the cabinet. Then I wiped the shelves down. It seemed like so much stuff when it was all sitting on the counter than when looking into the cabinet. 

Then I decided function was important with where I put things back. The items on the top shelf aren't used very often and I wanted my kids to be able to reach their cups easier so the switch was made. Everything seems better organized now. Next step is new dishes in the coming month (just have to find the ones I want as red is being dismissed from my kitchen and grays and turquoise are coming in!). 

Day Five was cleaning mirrors. We have one bathroom mirror so this wasn't hard to chose what to share with y'all!  By the looks of this mirror my kids must have competition on who can either spit the hardest in the sink or who can spit the highest on the mirror because from top to bottom is spit marks from toothpaste. Boys! It was definitely time to clean this mirror.

I wiped it down with some dollar store glass cleaner that has vinegar in it and it shines now! No more looking around the spit marks! Let's see how long this lasts. 

Today is Day Six and it is window sills. I just shared one as pretty much they all looked the same. Dusty and dirty from having the windows open and this lovely Oklahoma winds that seem to be filled with dirt! I sprayed with cleaner and let it soaked.

Then I just wiped it up and it was clean as can be! This is definitely something I need to add to my weekly chores as they were horrible!

Did you join in this weekend on the October Cleaning Challenge and blog about it?
If so leave a comment with your blog post or just share that you joined in!

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