June 19, 2013

What's New?

As the blog is changing there are several new features that I have added to help with the viewing of the blog. I thought I would show you a few of them!

There are several new links on the Navigation Bar including an About Me page, Projects, and Getting Organized.  The Getting Organized page will show areas of my house that I have organized. It will show the room and then a view of that post. You can click on the preview and it will take you to that post when you are on the Getting Organized Page.

Also in that Navigation Bar is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page. This will be where I can answer questions that are asked most frequently. If you have a question you can use the new Contact Me Tab to get my email. 

The next new feature is the Follow Me buttons. There is one for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my Teachers Pay Teacher Store (I may still add school printables from time to time there). 

Above my posts now you will see a Recent Posts with thumbnails of my last five posts. I like this feature as it gives you all the chance to skip from post to post easily. 

The categories in the right sidebar as you will see have been changed to everything this blog will deal with. The school posts are still on this blog but you will have to use the Search tool in the right sidebar to find what you are looking for. By doing this it helps with navigation around the blog. 

The site button is not a new thing to my blog but I wanted to share that I have a new one to go with the new look of this blog. It can be located in the left sidebar.

And the last new feature I have added will help those who are addicted to Pinterest just like me! As you hover over a picture on this blog you will see a Pink letter P button come up! Click and pin has now gotten easier on this blog! It pins the picture you click and you can choose which board you want to pin it to! Makes it much easier!!

I hope you enjoy the new features! 
What is your favorite?

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