June 18, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet Before/After

I was going to start in the Laundry Room/Garage but it has been super hot here and I just can't stand to be out in the heat for long working on it. So I went for the bathroom instead. 

I have organized this area multiple times, but with a man and two boys in the house it quickly becomes a mess of things thrown under the counter and half the time no one knows what is under there. 

As you can see in both pictures we were not using the space to its fullest or neatest. 

So to start I bought a few plastic bins to hopefully fix the clutter.

Two of the bigger ones and I had five of the smaller. I did not need all of the smaller ones at this time. 

The next was to decide how I wanted to categorize my boxes.

I went with 
 -cleaning products
-feminine hygiene
-hair products
-hair dryer/ straightener and face cleaners
-products used most often
- miscellaneous
-toilet paper

I'll admit, I hog most of the real estate in the bathroom with my hair and beauty products. I'm pretty sure my husband would love nothing more than to evict me, at least from the vanity. Maybe I'll check out the hair treatment options at www.consumersadvocate.org so I can scrap some of my hair products.

Next was to pull everything out from under the sink and organize it into those categories and place in appropriate boxes. 

Then to use the space wisely and to its fullest under the sink.
  I had to work in the humidifier in the space as I have no other place to store it. It fit quite well. 

So far this is working really well and as long as I can encourage the guys to put things back where they go it should stay this way! I like the look of it when I look under the counter and finding certain things now is a breeze. 

The next step in the bathroom is cleaning the grout! Mopping is not cutting it! Any tips? They would be greatly appreciated!!

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