January 9, 2012

My life as a College Mom.

I decided a few months ago that I needed to do something for myself as I had let some of the important goals I had for myself slide to the back burner. My boys are at the age where they are starting school and I have a little more free time than when they were babies and needed all of my attention every minute of the day. I can now entertain them with coloring or send them to their rooms and they can play independently. So I decided it was time to start school and achieve my goal of getting a college degree. I looked around and realized online school was going to work best for me and my family. Then it was time to research what school I wanted to attend. I then enrolled in the University of Phoenix. 

I started school in October and my world has forever changed.

My schedule consists of:

  • Waking up and getting the boys ready for the day
  • Breakfast
  • My husband takes Austin to school
  • Then I start my school day. (Look over syllabus, read chapters, and start assignments) Hubby plays with Dylan so I can get what I need to done.
  • Austin gets home from school
  • Lunch
  • Hubby goes to bed for the day
  • Boys go down for naps for 2 hours (Austin just has quiet time) I do my discussion questions and finish the assignments I need to do.
  • Boys wake up and we play and do fun activities.
  • Pick the house up and figure out what's for dinner
  • Dinner
  • Bath time for the boys
  • Bedtime for the boys
  • Do anything else I need to in the house and spend time with hubby
  • Hubby goes to work and I look over school stuff to see if there is anything I need to do to finish my day. And now I fit in some blogging.
  • Then bedtime for me.
How I spent most of my day. Doing school.
How quite a bit of my day is spent.

I love my new routine and lifestyle. School is such an important time for me and I love that I get that little bit of alone time to concentrate on something for myself. It may sound selfish but I think every mom should enjoy doing something they want to do or have a goal set for. If we can't be ourselves then we aren't able to give 100% to our families.

Are you a college mom? What changes have you had to make to accompany college into your lifestyle?

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