September 20, 2010

Goals for the week....

Im stealing this idea from Carisa at 1+1+1=1. I saw how much she got done last week when she posted this on her blog. So I thought maybe this will make me accountable and I will actually get things done for the week! And also when i have a moment where I'm sitting here going what can I do! It is all listed here and there's no guess work or memory loss for me!

Goals for the week

Definitely get done....

  • Make Number Tracers
  • Make the printables for Policeman Unit Study
  • Post Seasons Unit Study Printables
  • Post Fire Station Unit Study Printables
  • Print out the next few weeks of lessons and sit down and do lesson plans and try to get ahead a few weeks.

Hopefully to get to...

  • Make a Printables Page for the blog.
  • Work on Fall Tot Kit(partially done)
  • Plan out 3 to 5 other Unit Studies
  • Make Pre-writing Printables that can be reused weekly

Do Preschool everyday with Austin. Do 4 days of Tot School for Dylan as well.

It will be neat to see how much I actually get done! Going to try to make nap time and evening time more productive for me! Well see how it goes!

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