September 20, 2010

Preschool- Letter Vv

preschool corner

(Austin is 48 months)

Our key points for the week were, Letter Vv, # 8, sight words: you, Color Brown, Shape Circle, and we did our Seasons unit study.

We did our RRSP Lesson this week.

We started everyday with our Calendar Time, Which includes his vocabulary words, easy reader, key cards and our song of the week.

Here he was working on his Getting ready for V worksheet.
He practiced tracing the letter V.
Worked on our One Way to Jesus Craft.
He colored our Bible Verse of the week.
He practiced his Letter V Bible Verse Tracing sheet.

A few other activities for the week.

We did our Letter of the Week Craft.
He practiced writing his name a few times this week
We worked on our Seasons Unit Study. First thing we did was work on a coloring sheet of all 4 seasons. We discussed how the weather changes and the looks change in each season.
He colored a wheelbarrow and vegetables then glued the veggies into the wheelbarrow.
He played with Dylan with the blocks this week!
He built a firetruck.
He worked on our 4 Seasons 3-part puzzles that I made.
He also used my new Alphabet Tracers this week! He was very excited to see something new this week! Im trying to change things up here and there to add a new twist to keep him interested each week.
We had a great week!

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