July 3, 2013

Gettin' on Schedule!

One thing I have lacked for awhile is having a weekly routine. I know I have quite a bit of down time but I always feel like I have so much to do each day and no time to do it in. Insert making a schedule!

This schedule needed to include time for me to do my online classes, clean house, make sure the boys had time to do their chores, and have plenty of time to spend time with my family. 

As you can see it hangs next to my computer as that is where I spend most of my time whether it be blogging, school, or just me time. It is a constant reminder of what I need to be doing. 

So far it has helped tremendously and I have found plenty of time in the evenings for family time and several hours in the morning that I can sit and play with the boys. 

Now for the fun part! I made a blank version for you all to use also!

Download it HERE.

What types of things would you use this to schedule into your daily life?

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  1. Have just discovered your blog and love it! So many fun ideas which I hope to use with my little ones this summer. We've decided to have a theme each week and organise all our crafts, trips and reading around that so your weekly planner will be perfect. Thank you!

    Rhi @ Project Organised Mummy


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