January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve was quiet around here. The boys did some poppers before they went to bed at 10 (they got to stay up a little late). Then my husband and I had a little something to drink and we watched the ball drop at midnight. Nothing big but that's what we do each year so it's kind of tradition. 
And with the new year comes Resolutions for most!

This year I decided instead of making resolutions I am going to make goals!

So my goals are to: 

Continue losing weight
Be better organized in my household
Blog more often (I am going to try my hardest) 
Limit my Facebook time (it is a bad addiction)
Put my phone down more often

I don't think any of these are too much to ask of myself. I just know the last two are going to be my biggest struggle. But that is why they are goals they are something I am going to work towards and not just cut out completely unless I find myself not able to do it at all. Then I will cut them out all the way as I don't want them consuming my life, as there are much more important things in life! 

I hope you have some goals for yourself in this New Year and that you reach them all! 

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