January 2, 2013


I am once again linking up with Farley

for her monthly currently.

I am currently listening to the wind chime I have above my desk that we got in Daytona, FL on vacation last year. The heater fan we have blowing is hitting it softly so it is making a gentle noise. 

I am currently loving the stage I am at in my life. I have a great family and I am growing as a person daily. 

I am currently thinking organization. Making lists of areas in our household that could be better organized so that as I hit each room I can make sure I cover all areas.

I am currently wanting a hair cut badly! Everyone always tells me to let my hair grow out, but I can't stand it! I hate the way it flips out when it hits my shoulders, and the feeling of it on my neck grosses me out. I know, weird! I just am a short hair type of girl and I must get a hair cut soon!

I am currently needing to exercise (should not be on the computer) but my plan is to finish writing this post and then go get my 30 minutes in!

I am currently thinking of one little word and that is goals! It's a new year and setting goals is a must! 


  1. Ha! I totally needed a haircut too, and had great plans to get one over the recent Christmas break.....but it never happened! Back to school tomorrow.....so that haircut may have to wait until the weekend. LOL
    Love your OLW....I think that's a great one to have!

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

  2. As I was reading, I had to grab my hair. "Ugh, me too." :) Maybe my salon can work me in this weekend!!

    I like the idea of making lists for each room - I may need to start that tomorrow!! Glad I found your blog through the Currently link-up!

    :) Abby
    Third Grade Bookworm

  3. Well, sorry it has taken me so long to read your blog from Currently. I seem not to have a lot of time to be on the computer lately. I enjoyed reading your post and I agree too. I need a haircut also but I don't want to spend the money to get one. Take care and enjoy your children. They grow up very fast.
    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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