August 13, 2012

The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener Review

 I have seen this sharpener pinned a lot of Pinterest lately, so I contacted the owner and asked to do a review. He was all for it and sent me a sharpener very quickly! I wasn't sure what the big deal was about a pencil sharpener, so I was delighted that I was going to get to see it first hand and find out what the deal was. Others had stated that it sharpens pencils wonderfully and the same each time. Never any broken leads in the sharpener and it was extremely quiet when in use.

So my sharpener arrived packaged so nicely in a soft plastic box within the cardboard box.
So I unpackaged it and this was what was inside the plastic box. The pencil sharpener is the lovely green color (they also come in blue and red) and a lever to hold it onto a table.
Here it is out of the packaging.
I of course tried it out immediately! I have never seen a pencil come out so sharp! The sharpener has two levers at the top that you squeeze when inserting the pencil. The metal piece on the front pulls out to hold the pencil straight. This helps to be sure the pencil is straight and results in the best sharpened pencils I have seen. I used to have a handheld little sharpener that we would sharpen with and when you’d pull it out the lead would be broken and back to sharpening. In the month that we have had this sharpener this has not happened once.

The owner is a teacher as well so he knew what teachers were looking for. A quiet reliable sharpener that isn’t going to break and that will sharpen quickly and accurately every time! He in my eyes hit is straight on as this pencil sharpener is awesome!

The cost of these is not bad at all and very much so worth it!

If you haven’t checked these out yet make sure you do HERE! As you won’t regret it!

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