June 1, 2012

Dylan's 4th Birthday!

Dylan was lucky his birthday fell in the middle of the week so we had a small party on his day with just our small family and then had our friends over that weekend to celebrate Toy Story style!

It is hard to believe that my little baby is now 4.

He opened a couple presents on his birthday. A skateboard, helmet, and some puzzles.
(I may be a bit crazy when it comes to getting a 4 yr old a skateboard)

I worked very hard to plan his party and then we had rain the day before which made it so that we had to have it inside. Things that I had planned wouldn't work inside so we just did the party and then let the kids play in the driveway and set up our bounce house.

I started my day getting the house set up for the party. Cooking burgers, hot dogs and fries. I made smore's pops and asteroid (rice krispies) the day before. The adults enjoyed lemonade and the kids enjoyed blue and green juices. 

The kids enjoyed the food!

Then it was time to open presents

Next was some old fashioned fun of playing pin the tail on the donkey except we used Bullseye. 

Then he decided he wanted to do cupcakes! So of course the birthday boy rules the day and gets to do what he wants to do next during the party. 

Not just the birthday boy enjoyed his cake! Everyone did!

Then we headed outdoors for a bit. First up was Pinata time!

Get the candy! 

And then we all just hung out outside while the kids played on the bounce house and played with all of the outside toys!

Even though the rain ruined the games outback because of the mud we still had a great day. Dylan had an awesome 4th birthday! 

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