May 31, 2012

Emails and a small update!

I just wanted to let you all know I am trying to work on writing most of you back. 

Several emails have been written to ask for me to send them the file because they can't get the download to work. I do not have the time to send files individually, even though I would love to. I just ask that you clear your cookies and try to download then. The site I use 4shared can sometimes have difficulties and this may be why you are not able to download so try again later. If all else fails and you have tried a few times then email me but let me know you tried several times. Thanks!

Viruses are another issue a couple of emails have said. I will say this my files do not contain any viruses! I have checked them all with my virus protection. If you think you have gotten a virus from a file that you download it may have come from you accidentally clicking a link on the 4shared website. I am working to get all of my files to my own site so I do not have to worry about this but like I said above my time is limited. I will not be held responsible for a virus though as of now as you download at your own risk. My suggestion is that when you download you do a virus check immediately. 

I am not making any new printables at this time and that is mainly due to lack of time. Preparing for a new home-school year, being a college student, a mom, a wife and taking care of a house is taking up all of my spare time. That is one reason this blog has come to somewhat of a stand still. I am trying to get back into blogging and as I work on our new school room you will see me start to blog more and more. 

We recently redid our schoolroom and had made it back into Dylan's bedroom. Since I am continuing to home school him another year we had to move him back into Austin's room. So we cleaned out the room this weekend and moved our desktop which will be in there now. It is going to be my office/school room. We plan to get all new furniture from Ikea and are in the planning process of what we are going to do with the room in July. I will be posting pics of the progress we make! 

I have also started to work on the actual lesson plans. I am currently done with the month of August and September and plan to work on the rest soon. Then starts the printing process so I can get it all filed away for the first day of school! August is going to be the assessments month as I will work and see what we need to work on to get him ready for Kindergarten. 

So that is what we have been up to. Please bare with me and if I don't respond to an email just understand I have seen it and will work on getting things to where people can download easily. 

Next post to come is about Dylan's birthday as I planned a bunch for it! 

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