January 4, 2012

Felt Play Mat from Pinterest

I have to admit Pinterest is my little getaway. It is the place I turn to whenever I have free time. I have so many ideas from there I could probably do one a day for a couple years. I don't even pin them all because I know I can't do them all. Nor would my husband want all my crafts filling our home. Anyways enough rambling, I found this felt play mat a few weeks ago and the blog it was from said that you can use a glue gun and that it would hold up. I looked in my closet and I had felt and a glue gun with plenty of glue sticks. So I got busy during the boys nap time and created this!

My boys absolutely love it and have played with it every day! I may even make another for just play animals.

Credit for idea: A Girl and a Glue Gun 

So who else is addicted to Pinterest?
If so leave me your link so I can follow your pinterest page!


  1. Would love to see the animal one, the only toys my kids play with are dinosaurs and animals.

  2. I am so addicted to Pinterest. I found your blog on there!! Yea! A new addiction!! :o) Thanks!!


  3. I saw a neat variation where you make a bunch of "road section" strips and then they can lay them out in new arangements each day!


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