July 6, 2011

4th of July Fun!

I forgot to share pics of my boys making there fireworks on paper last week so I figured I'd make a post about our 4th of July and of there craft!

Dylan trying to work on his he had a hard time with the squeezing the bottles of glitter glue.

Austin working on his firework picture

Austins finished firework

Dylans finished firework! 

Now we had a great time on 4th of July. We took the boys to the local Art in the Park and Carnival. 
Dylan tried out the teacup ride but I ended up having to make the man stop the ride to get him he didnt like it at all and wouldnt ride any other rides other than the carousel. Maybe next year? Austin loved trying new things some of them he didn't want to do again and others he rode more than once.

Here's a few pictures (Id post more but they have some of our friends kids in them and I want to respect them by not posting there children online)

Daddy and Dylan on the carousel

Austin riding on the boats

 They both got there faces painted.
Dylan wanted a football and as you can tell didnt sit still really so it was as good as it could be!

And Austin wanted fireworks!

And then we all headed back to the truck to sit and wait for the firework show! 

Hope you all had a great 4th of July Weekend!

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