March 22, 2011

Unit Study: Farm Life

April we will be focusing on Farming and Farm Life. We will cover animals and the names of their baby animals, We will discuss the animals habitats. Work on naming the animals on a farm. Discuss the Farmers role in Farming and upkeep of their Farm. We will also do a few crafts along with the Unit.

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clipart from JW Illustrations

The Unit Printables are

  • Baby Animal Match Up- Match the baby animal to the mommy
  • 3 Part Puzzles
  • Flashcards with traceable words
  • Farm Songs- Old MacDonald Had a Farm, BINGO
  • and 2 Crafts:
  1. Make a Farm Scene- Print the farm scene pages, Cut them out. Then on a Blue construction paper glue some green grass( green construction paper) to the bottom. Then have the child glue the pieces of their farm on. 
  2. Pig in the Mud- Print the Pig on card stock so it will be sturdy. Then allow your child to paint with brown paint to create mud on the pig. You could also allow them to paint with chocolate pudding for fun!

Ideas for Teaching about the Farm
  • Talk with your child about the animals and ask them what they think the habitat for that animal would look like. This would be a great drawing/ art activity as you could supply them with drawing paper and crayons to draw the animals habitat as you showed them the Flash cards above in the Unit.
  • Discuss the Farmers role on the farm. That he feeds the animals. And he has a garden that he takes care of. Supply them with a small cup and a little potting soil and some seeds. Allow them to be the farmer and plant their own small garden. Remind them that they need to water it and make sure its in the sun on a daily basis as needed. And you could even chart the growth if you have older children.
  • Make a Sensory bin. Include items like Easter Grass Filler, Corn Kernels, Beans, Oats, Plastic Farm Animals, Easter Eggs, Include a small shovel and bucket for pretending to scoop feed.

Snack Time Ideas

  • Make Pigs in a Blanket
  • Haystack Cookies: You'll need graham crackers, Chocolate Squares( Hershey's candy bar or something similar), marshmallows, and chow mein noodles. Let child place a Graham Cracker at the bottom then chocolate square, marshmallow and top with chow mein noodles. Microwave for about 16 seconds. Then Enjoy!
Other Items to incorporate in the Unit


    Enjoy and Have fun learning about the Farm!


    1. How cool!! I'd love to try this if I start keeping my nephew soon. I think my son would enjoy it, too!

    2. I've said this before, but this might really be my favorite yet! It's adorable and perfect for my kids!

    3. This is great! I have shared this on my FB page and Yahoo Group, Workbox Tots To Kinders!

    4. What a darling Farm Study Unit. I LOVE it & I am so glad I found you through Preschool Printables. I am excited to use your great ideas with my preschool class. I look forward to browsing your blog more.
      Take care,

    5. These are great...I'll add them for our upcoming farm theme unit! Thanks for sharing! Also I left you an award on my blog:
      Thanks again!

    6. THANKS so much for sharing for free! What a blessing!


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