March 16, 2011

St Patricks Day Rainbow Craft

What You'll Need
  • Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green Paper Scraps
  • Cottonballs
  • Paper Cut in the shape or a rainbow, cloud, and pot of gold.
  • Glue
1.  Start with the Pot of Gold. I put a line in the middle of our pot separating the top of the pot and where the Gold would be. 
2. Glue the Black scraps on the pot.
3. Then add the yellow at the top.

4. Next we did our Red Stripe. I only put glue down for one stripe at a time. Then proceed with the Orange,  Yellow, Blue and Green Stripes.

5. Add cottonballs to your Cloud Shape.
6. Let dry and then Staple the cloud and pot to the rainbow.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!

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