February 17, 2011

Train Tot Kit

My youngest is so into trains I had to make something that would last him a while and that he would enjoy!
So thats how this Train Tot Kit came about!

You can buy it HERE

Kit Includes:
  • Book Summery for  your book of choice to go with the Kit
  • Flashcards that have easy to trace words
  • Counting Train Cars for working on numeric order
  • Name Plate for childs name
  • Size Sort Trains
  • Letters T & C tracing papers
  • Memory Game 
  • Coloring Page
  • Pre-writing practice
  • 3 part puzzles
  • What color is the Train? Just color the train the color the paper says then staple into a book
  • Silhouette Match
  • Alphabet Tracers ( you can also use these for alphabet order once the child traces them)

Some fun extras to include with the Kit

We will be incorporating our Train table as well!
 I may also throw a sensory bin together for this and I will post that when I do.
We will be doing this Tot Kit next month!



  1. What a great kit. I've saved it for my train lover! Thanks.

  2. This might be my favorite kit yet--thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow that is a great kit! My boy is getting a train set for his 2nd Birthday (shh don't tell) I'll have to do this with his too!!

  4. My son is going to go nuts with this kit!! He loves trains SO much!!!! Thank you for your hard work making it, and for sharing it :-) You rock.

  5. Thank you for this fun, educational and colourful pack.


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