February 19, 2011

Our School Week 2/14-2/18

Ill start this post with Tot School and down below is Pre-K. I slacked on pics this week as I just tried to focus on the boys and not worry about taking pics. 

(Dylan is 33 months)
  Dylan focused on colors, shapes, size sorting, and taking direction in coloring a picture.

We started with size sorting Rainbows from COAH. He is really doing great at size sorting so I'm thinking about starting more prepositional words with him on where to put things instead of just in order.
 He worked on a coloring activity. He had to draw water coming out of the hose on the children. He wasn't to sure about it but once he started he ended with a total blue paper! He definitely got the hang of it!
 We worked on some color Rainbows.  He had to match the cloud with the color word on it to the colored rainbow. These activities are really helping him with his color identifying skills. COAH
 He then worked on some Shape identifying. Id show him the white card with the shape on it and then he'd match it to the shapes on the cards with all the colors. He was really good at it! I got this activity from 1+1+1=1
 Austin focused on Letter R, #19, sight word: it, white, triangles. He also started addition this week and rhyming words.
(Letter R isnt posted yet but keep an eye out im sure it will be up soon)
He worked on his Getting Ready for R worksheet.
We went over his vocabulary words which he later cut out.
He worked on cutting his Bible Verse and putting it together in order.
 He put his Bible Craft together

And then he did a Color by Number sight word activity that goes with our RRSP

He used the Add - It game from COAH for this addition practice. He loved this game and did really well at it!
 We used the numbers from the addition game above to practice counting as well.
Rhyming Words
He used a set of cards I put together and will be posting next week to practice words that rhyme.

COAH Letter Rr K-4 Activities
 He did a Handwriting Letter R worksheet from COAH
 He also did a Letter Rr search within a sentence activity from COAH
We had a great week with lots of outside time included! We also played in the Sensory Rice Table on our back patio this week! The boys are definitely enjoying the nice weather!


  1. Great week!! Excited about your rhyming cards too!! Kerri

  2. I love the Add - It game from COAH!

  3. Wondering where you go the coloring page where he needs to draw the water.

  4. These are great activities! He looks to be doing very wel with his adding! x


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