February 7, 2011

Our School Week 1/31-2/4

Here is our Week in Review for Preschool and Tot School!

Austin had a full week of school from RRSP curriculum to 2 Unit Studies and some fun Valentine Activities!

We started each day with calendar/circle time and also discussed our tray of things that start with P
We had pigs, police car, pineapple felt food, pizza, pancakes, planes, phones, penguins, plates and the color purple. This was my first time putting a tray like this together but the boys really enjoyed picking our items and saying the names and then discussing that they start with P
( Letter P , Number 17, Sight Word- to, Color Pink, Circle)
This week he cut out his own vocab words not using the helper scissors with the spring in them! ( This is a huge accomplishment for him)

Letter P Activities
 He colored a Letter P is for Penguins that I made
 He worked on Counting with Penguins that I made
He did a color by number Penguin from Making Learning Fun

we focused on our flash cards and the traffic signal and what is is for.

we did the following states Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas.
We started each State with finding it on the map
 Then we did our Passport with the state license plate, state flag, and bird/flower.
We then read the flap book we have about each state.
And he finished each part of the Unit with coloring a page about the State

Valentines Activities
 He played in our Sensory Bin
He worked on several activities from Musings of Me Valentine's unit

Tot School

 (Dylan is 32 months)
Dylan focuses on the Letter P, Colors, Counting 1- 10, Size Sorting, Lacing, Shapes,
Any of the Penguin stuff in his school was made by me and I will be posting it this week sometime

He had to match the penguins in this activity.

He worked on naming all the Shapes in his puzzle.

He colored a P is for Penguin worksheet

He sorted the Penguins by Size

He worked on our Valentines Tot Kit with our Lacing Birds

He worked on a Penguin Puzzle

And he enjoyed our Sensory bin

Now for some pics from the week of both the boys

We had close to 12 inches of snow this past week so we spent alot of our school time outside playing in it!
The boys built a snowman with Daddy. Mommy created the face with what things I could come up with, Black Pom Poms for the eyes, a mini carrot for the nose, and a red pipe cleaner for the mouth! Daddy made the arms with the boys help! (Dylan wouldn't go near the snowman once he was made so no pic for him with the snowman)

We had a great week even in the snow storm!


  1. So much fun!! I always want to do a letter of the week bin, but hate having to put stuff back in its place (I know, I have issues when things aren't in their correct places...no idea how I was a PreK teacher...) so we started doing the letter of the week slideshow. My daughter loves take pictures so we go around the house hunting for stuff, take a snapshot and make a slideshow. Yay for using scissors to cut!! I love your little guy deep in thought with the penguin matching activity. =)

  2. We are doing a united states theme and I have that same map from the dollar tree.

    Fun week, I think penguins are so cute!


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