September 28, 2010

Tot School and Preschool: Letter Yy

Im running majorly behind this week. I wasnt home all weekend so I never got either of my posts up. 
So thats it why they are both in one post this week!

(Dylan is 28 months)

We started the week doing our Letter Y  do a dot picture

He colored his bible verse for the week.

 He did his favorite number puzzle.
 We worked on pouring pom poms from one bucket to another. He loves this as well.
 We played playdough this week. Its been awhile since Ive brought it out so he loved it!
 He got to play in our new Fall Sensory Bin. And he got to pick a prize out of it.
 He picked the Turkey wood piece to color
 He loved the little pumpkins and the acorn bells that are in the Sensory Bin that he started collecting them and he didnt want anyone else to get them.

preschool corner
(Austin is 49 months)

Our key points for the week were, Letter Yy, #9, sight words: you, Color White, Shape Square, and we did our Fire Station Unit Study.
 Austin did a Letter Y sorting activity.

He did a color by number themed around the Letter Y

We used our new shape puzzles from 1+1+1=1

He made a Fireman Hat from our Unit Study.

We reviewed our Fireman Word Cards.

He did a sight word you do a dot activity.

He worked on his cutting by using playdough and cutting it.

He did his Do a Dot Letter Y 

Since the first day of Fall was last week he made an Acorn Mosaic.

He colored the scarecrow from our Fall Sensory bin.

He did a yarn size sort activity.

He did yarn shape puzzles.
 For math last week we did Ordinal Numbers from the Members Only area of  1+1+1=1.

 He colored his Bible Verse.

He did his Getting Ready for Y worksheet.

He traced his Letter Y

He played in our new Sensory Bin.

We turned our sand table into a rice and bean table. So the boys both played in it this week with cups and scoops and funnels.

 He finished his Letter Y tracing sheets.

He cut his bible verse out by himself this week!

And colored his Bible Verse and even cut the verse out to put on the Bible.

We did our Letter Y PowerPoint from the Members Only area of 1+1+1=1
Want to use the resources I did this week?



  1. Looks like a great week! Love the sensory bin! We have a similar one this month. Where did you find those cute acorn bells?

  2. I got the acorn bells at Hobby Lobby. I think it had like 10 in a bag for 2.99. I figured they were a great sensory item plus we can use them as counters for Fall.

  3. What a busy week! Looks like a lot of fun! Visiting from Tot School, Jessica


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