September 27, 2010

Number Mats 1- 10

I have in the past downloaded Number Mats from other sites that were for specific themes. But as I get more and more into the homeschooling stuff I am to the point where I try to save as much ink as possible. So I try to make my printables reusable and for no certain themes. 

Austin is working on jumping so I figured I would incorporate the numbers in and also make it so my number mats were more for an every day theme. With these mats I will call out a number and he will have to jump to it. I will also say things like "crawl to the number 9", "walk slowly to number 2". Different things to keep him thinking and the game fun!

Here is a set of Number Mats 1-10 

(image will take you to download)
The set is only 5 pages as I was conserving paper as well! You just cut them in half on the line!

 Set 11-20 will be coming soon! 

These would also work great as a reference tool for hanging on the wall! 



  1. Thanks so much! I am trying to save some ink, too! These are great since they can put beans, coins or other objects inside the soon as I buy ink and use them with my daughter, I'll let you know! Thanks


  2. I totally understand the save the ink thing! Great printable! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are great! Thanks! I love being able to get fresh ideas from other minds. See if I may have anything you can use! :)



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