September 13, 2010

Letter Xx Preschool

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(Austin is 48 months)

Our key points for the week were, Letter Xx, # 7, sight words: you, little, Color pink, Shape Diamond, and we did our Add on of the Senses to our human body unit from the week before.

We started the week off by doing a Letter X Craft. We made an Xray out of the letter X.

He colored his RRSP Bible Verse coloring sheet.

He did his tracing RRSP Letter X worksheets.

He did a Letter X Do A Dot Sheet! He made sure to fill every space of white in the X with color! I thought that was interesting. It turned out kinda looking like a abstract painting!

We did a 1:1 correspondence activity by putting the pieces of the xylophone that matched the number. I got this activity here:

He did his first color by number activity! He did a great job! We tried this before last year and he got to frustrated so we stopped! Hes definitely maturing this year!

He colored his Five Senses Mini Book.

Dylan helped him with cutting and taping together his RRSP Bible Verse this week! He was having a bad day at this point and was not interested in being involved in cutting. He struggles with it so im not pushing just encouraging as he will let me and figure hell pick it up eventually.

He did his RRSP Shape Matching Activity.

At the end of the week we did some finger painting. We started out with just pink but he requested blue and found out that they make purple! Note to self: Do not turn my back for one second next time as he will then become a purple monster! I had to change Dylan and in the 2 seconds I was gone decided to paint his face, his arms and legs. I came back to a nice surprise. He said he wanted to be a purple monster.

He enjoyed our books for the week.

After school one day he wanted to play with our lacing beads when Dylan was done so I got them for him and he sat for 30 to 45 minutes just lacing them.

Last week I decided it was time to make a Helpers sheet as they constantly bicker over who does what and I was so tired of hearing it! So to solve the problem I made up a sheet that has our Letter Tree, Calendar, Weather Chart, And our Days of the year coloring sheet on it. So each week I will rotate names and then theres no arguing, hopefully.

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  1. I LOVE your helper sheet, I have thought of doing the same thing!!! Hope they stop fighting at least over that! ;-)

  2. Thanks Carisa! It solved the issue last week! I just changed it out so well see if it helps this week! Now if i can solve the other bickering. To bad its not as easy to solve with a helpers charts.

  3. You may want to try letting Dylan cut playdough with scissors to strengthen his muscles. I've heard writing on an upright surface like a paper taped to a wall or an easal strengthens muscles for writing also. Check out this post with forming letters with fingerpaint.

  4. I just love RRSP, what a fun preschool you have!


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