July 18, 2010

Our School Week 7/12- 7/16

Dylan is 26 Months

Dylan did some coloring this week. This worksheet was pictures that start with L.

Coloring his Letter L

We painted with Green paint that we mixed from yellow and blue

He played with playdough

Used our Dot Markers on the Do A Dot Letter L

He painted a yellow number 1

Austin is 46 months

Each Day we started out with our Bible Verse, Singing this Little Light of Mine and went over our vocab words and our keywords.
We also read the mini easy reader that came with the RRSP lesson. By the end of the week Austin read the whole book by himself! I will get a video of it this week to share!

Here is Austin with his sight word for the week: See

We made a Lion out of our Letter L. Want to make this Lion? Check it out here: http://totallytots.homestead.com/NowIKnowMyABCs.html

Our color of the week was Yellow. So he colored a sheet of things that are yellow.

We made a Ladybug since our Letter of the week was L

He worked on his handwriting Ladybug worksheets.

He made a Do A Dot Letter L

We had some left over time and he was wanting to do some gluing one day so I made him an L and he glued cotton, Yellow paper, and eyes on it! He said it was his Silly L!

He played with playdought. Here he is making an L out of his playdough.

Practiced Tracing Circles.

Here he is working on his Getting Ready for L tracing Paper.

Tracing his Letter L's

He made a Candle to go along with our Bible Verse for the week.

Taping his Bible Verse Together.

Measuring how long his Bible Verse was next to him.

He painted a Yellow Number 1. For our number of the week!

He built a tower with our Nesting Blocks.

Want the RRSP Letter L Lesson or others check them out here: http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/RaisingRockStarsPreschool.html

Favorite Pictures from the Week

Dylan was dancing with his light prop during our Circle Time to this little light of mine!

Austin was trying out Daddy's work shirt!

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  1. Awesome!!! I love seeing RRSP in action, thanks for sharing!!! I am so glad it is working for your family!

  2. Thanks Carisa! Austin really did enjoy it and I felt like he was so much more involved in school this week! They loved the everyday activities and singing this little light of mine!!! Cant wait to do Letter T this week!

  3. It looks like they had a lot of fun. They are sooo cute!

  4. Found your blog through Tot School link. What a great week you had. Your boys are similar ages to my girls (41 months and 25 months). I invite you to stop on over and check out my blog. Oh, I checked out your post on your blog schedule, what a cool idea. I may do something like that. My hubby liked your blog name.

  5. We just started incorperating some of the RRSP in our Tot School times. It looks like you all had a fun packed week!

  6. I am giving you the Sunshine Award for giving me some ideas to use with my Tot! Enjoy reading your other posts!


  7. Wow! It looks like your little boys were working so hard- how cute!

  8. Looks like ya'll had a great week. Don't you just love Carisa's RRSP? I can't wait to get started with it.
    That last picture of your little boy dressed in daddy's work shirt reminded me of a picture of myself when I was little. I've got to pull it out and show my girls.


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