July 20, 2010

Color and Shape Lapbook

Im so excited to share my first lapbook with you all!! It covers shapes and colors! I split it up so you can download the parts you want to put in your lapbook!

Cover for the Lapbook

Color the Shapes


My Name is

I See Color and Shapes Book

Match The Shapes and Colors

These are in PDF format but a couple of them that have more then one page are in a zip file. To unzip you should be able to right click the file and choose Extract!!

Dont know what a lapbook is? Check out this post about lapbooks: http://www.squidoo.com/lapbooking

If you find anything wrong let me know!!! Hope you all enjoy these!!


  1. Hey Lauren, you are so talented! I need to see what a lapbook is and print these for my girls to do. :)


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