May 18, 2010

Letter B- Bumblebee

Welcome to Letter B!
Click Images to print the worksheets (they should open bigger for easy printing)

First we made a Crafty ABC Letter B To make this click HERE
Letter B Collage: Print the Paper then cut out the Letter B Images and have your child glue them on the B.
Letter B Tracing and Coloring Paper: Print this then have your child trace the Letter B and color the bumblebee.

Bumblebee Lacing Card: Print the card then punch holes through the Bumblebee for Lacing fun.

Letter B Matching: Print the Paper then cut the Bumblebees in half in different ways to make puzzles. Then have your child match the Uppercase B to lowercase b.

Letter B Tracing Paper: We do a line a day but you can do what works best for you child.

Letter B Scavenger Hunt: Have your child search through the house for objects that start with B.

Letter B Magnet Page: You can use the magnets found here for this. We used pom poms instead for ours so thats another option. And then painted it afterward!

Letter B Playdough Mat: Print then laminate and let your child use playdough to create the letter B.

Letter B Puzzle: Print then cut on the lines for a Letter B puzzle

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter B Sort: Print both sheets below then cut the Bumblebees out and let your child sort them on the 1st paper.
Letter B Letter Search: Have your child search for all Uppercase and Lowercase B's. Then practice tracing them on the bottom part of the worksheet.

Other Sites with Letter B Activities:


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