May 18, 2010

Letter C-Crab

Letter C Craft: Want to make a Crab show in the picture below, Then click HERE for what you will need!
Letter C tracing and coloring page: Have your little one trace the Cc and then color the Crab.
Letter C Collage: Print the page then cute the pictures at the top out and have your child glue them on the C.
Letter C tracing paper
Letter C Matching: Cut the crabs out then cut them in half in different ways to make fun puzzles.

Math Worksheet: They have to color the shape below the proper color using the pictures at the top.

Letter C Sorting: You print out both papers below then cut the C's in the squares out and have your little one sort them in the two columns.

Another Letter C Tracing paper we did this week: Can be found HERE

Letter C Search

Want to see some other sites that have Letter C themes?
Caterpillar Theme:

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