May 18, 2010

Our Homeschool Day

I figured I should post what our Homeschool Day consists of.

Heres is our Schedule/Routine for the day.
730-745 Wake up
745-830 Breakfast
845-900 Get dressed and ready for School
900-930 Calendar/Circle time
930-1030 School time
1030-1100 Movie time(educational)1100-1130 Lunch
1130-100 Nap and Quiet Time
100-200 School Time200- 230 Snack
230-330 Finish School for the Day
330-400 Outside play time400-500 The boys spend time with Daddy as i prepare dinner
500-600 Dinner
600-630 Bath Time
630-700 Story Time
700 Bedtime
Now on to our Schooling

Here is what our Circle time/ Calendar time area looks like
We discuss what Month it is, The day, The date, The weather, The season

Here is where i got our songs for each of those above
Once we move I plan to use her weather chart, her color of the day. But for now im just using what came with our Calendar.

A uses the Workbox system ( you can read more about it here: )

Here is a picture of our system (I redid things to work for the boxes i have and how i want things for our house)
We have 4 boxes( my picture is of only 3 boxes as i hadn't added the 4th one when i took the pic) and they are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 for the first part of our School day then during Movie time and lunch time I prepare them for activites 5, 6, 7, 8 and then during snack time i refill them for activities 9, 10, 11, 12. He has to go in order of the activites.

Here is what my Lesson plan for A looks like (feel free to click the lesson plan to see bigger and print)

1 Letter of the Week
2 Math
3 Sight Words
4 Handwriting
5 Reading ( on tape or I read to him)
6 Science
7 Hands On
8 Art
9 Cutting Practice
10 Learning Game
11 Social Studies
12 Numbers and Counting

He does each of those every day. The numbers are how they are put into his boxes. When he completes his work he has a bin that it goes into for me to put away in to my File Folder for him.

D uses the Tot Trays System

He has 6 trays that are loaded with hands on activities that he can freely choose to do.

Here is my lesson plan sheet for him (feel free to click the lesson plan to see bigger and print)

I basically just put what activities i want for him to do each day. Then he has free roam of those activities through out the day.

We only do School 4 days a week. Mondays are our day to do field trips, Library anything to that sorts. Thursdays are also shortened as those are grocery shopping, errand days.

Every Sunday I prepare for the week all though throughout the week before I start trying to decide what I want to do for the next week. I like being able to prepare a week ahead as it means i don't have to plan each night or stay up to late. I have a box that has each day and i start the week with Tuesday and behind that it'll have folder 1 through 12 while the other Days of the weeks activities are in there day folder then the night before I move them to 1-12 for that day, I do that every night. I also have a folder that holds my Lesson Plan at the beginning of the File box.

My biggest advice is to have fun! If your not having fun with it you wont continue to do it! Also keep track of what you are teaching so that way you know you cover the whole alphabet all the numbers 1-20 and other things you have goals set for teaching. I wont say we don't have melt downs over some things and if i feel A is getting to stressed over something we step away and do something else and let him finish later that day.

If you want to know something else about our day feel free to drop me an email at and Ill be sure to either cover your answer in a post or email you back!

Have a great Day!


  1. I just came across your blog and I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing this. I am using your blog as a resource to homeschool through preschool too. I just decided to do it after coming across some cool homeschool blogs. :)


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