June 29, 2019

Math Doesn't Have To Be Your Downfall

When we choose to homeschool we often find that a subject isn't our favorite to teach or it's not our child's favorite subject. That doesn't have to be our downfall.

Math is one of those subjects in our family. I'm going to focus today on what I've done to make sure Math isn't our downfall. 

Speak Positively

I always try to speak positively about Math in front of my children. No child wants to hear how much their parent hates math or how annoying math can be. If we speak positive about it our children will be more positive about it! When my kids speak negative about math like "I hate math." I try to reword it, "You may not like it today, but later down the line math it's going to be so helpful." Showing positivity can be hard at times but its worth it in the long run. 

Make Math Fun

Most kids that don't like math are really just bored with it. Make it fun. Add in math manipulatives, go on math centered field trips, or play math games. Making math as hands on as possible has really helped my children not just with the boredom but also the learning aspect. 


We all know that cooking is math. Make it fun. Let your kids dive in and little do they know they are learning how to add fractions when measuring out a recipe. 

Talk It Out

Talk with your kids. Give them your expectations of math. Let them tell you their frustrations. Talk about what you both can do to make math work for your family. Keeping an open conversation about math can really give them relief and they will open up about their troubles or even what they enjoy!

Teaching Textbooks

I have mentioned Teaching Textbooks before and it has really been what makes a difference in Math with my kids. It's a computer based program with a lecture and problems that the kids can easily learn and do. It has fun buddies that they can choose and a wallpaper that they can pick to personalize their experience. My kids absolutely love that it feels like a computer game to them. They're learning and having fun at the same time. 

Some reasons you may like Teaching Textbooks.

  • It can all be done online with their new 3.0 subscription. 
  • They have a free trial!
  • Instant feedback with every problem the child does. 
  • You can choose if the child gets to try again if they miss a problem.
  • Level 3 to Pre-Calculus is offered. 
  • My kids confidence to Math changed completely when we started using Teaching Textbooks.
  • A lot less stress when it comes to Math time for both parents and kids! 

Math is no longer a struggle with my children. Most days they complete their lesson and want to do another. It makes me feel good as a parent to know that I am giving them a Math program that really works and makes it fun!

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