April 2, 2018

Homeschool Space

As a Homeschool mom I am always trying to find fun and comfortable alternatives for our homeschool room.  Having a great desk and comfortable seating can really make a difference. My kids love to lounge when reading and studying material. 

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Furniture.com has amazing homeschool room ideas. In their most recent post, " The Right Place for Homework", they shared a lot of ideas to create a space for kids that is comfortable and useful at the same time. 

I loved reading through this post as it had some really great ideas like having easy access to the supplies a child might need when doing their school work or homework. 

I also enjoyed the tips on how important natural light is as well as having a computer at eye level and to be sure light isn't reflecting off the screen. 

I really just wanted to share this site with you all as I found it really informational and it has everything on the site that you could ever possibly need for an amazing homeschool room. Not only do they write amazing articles on how to make a space work perfectly they also offer a website that is easy to navigate and search for products right from their website! 

I definitely plan to utilize it more as I start to change our school room into a more comfortable space for my boys!

Go take a peek around the site and come back and tell me what you found that will change your homeschool room and make it better?

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