August 1, 2017

Shopping Haul | Target and Mardel's

It's that time of year where I find it very hard to walk past the Dollar Spot at Target. I usually end up spending my whole budget there and don't even get to enjoy the rest of the store. Most of our school room decorations came from the Dollar Spot last year. This year is not much different. I found a lot of new goodies and want to share what I got!

I had seen these books posted all over Instagram and knew they would be fun to read this year with my boys. My first stop at Target I was able to find 5 of them and I later picked up the last of the set. There are 6 in total. The books are Treasure Island, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Little Women, and The Call of the Wild. I also picked up a pack of blank books to use for poetry writing this year. 


I also picked up a Multiplication workbook for my youngest to use this summer and a book about Presidents.

Next from the Dollar Spot were these bookmarks. I like to set a time limit as a minimum for my boys so that they read for at least 30 minutes but usually they read longer. Some days though it can be a struggle and I think these will help. They have a timer right on them which will come in  handy!

Next are just a few things that caught my eyes and I figured we could use somehow. The paper roll we will use for Art. The banks we just needed to replace the small ones my boys have had for a while. The dry erase blocks I plan to use in several areas of our homeschool. I want to use them for Language Arts, Writing, and Math at least. I am sure I will find more ways to use them as the year goes on. 

I found these Fossil Digs and Gem Digs to use with our first couple of Chapters of Story of the World. My boys love things like this so I picked up two of each for them. 

The rest of the stuff from Target I didn't really need but had to have. 

Some pretty new stationary items and mouse pad.

Two new coffee cups even though I don't drink coffee. I might have a slight addiction to these cups as I tend to buy one every time we go to Target. I will use them for hot chocolate in the winter. 

A bin for our Math Manipulatives as our Trofast bin from Ikea was getting too small. 

And the popular storage caddy that is all over Instagram that I am in love with and had to search all over for! It is really cute when filled with a lot of colorful school supplies! 

I also made a trip to Mardel's which is a Christian bookstore and School Curriculum store. 
I only picked up a few things this time. 

A Math fact game in hopes it will make memorizing our facts fun.

A inflatable globe and multiplication flashcards.

And a few books to read this school year. Heroes of History; Daniel Boone and Abraham Lincoln. I also picked up Holes because it was a book I really enjoyed in school and we have seen the movie so I think my boys will really like it. 

Have you found any really good items in the Target Dollar Spot or at another Store? 
Feel free to share! I love a good shopping trip!

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