August 8, 2017

Beautiful Coloring Review

I teamed up with Timberdoodle and was sent the Beautiful Coloring book to review. It is part of their 4th Grade curriculum kit

My boys, 4th grade and 6th grade, were both very interested in checking this book out. 

The Beautiful Coloring book covers everything from the color wheel, primary colors, complimentary colors, and different coloring techniques. 

The book is divided into color sections. Yellow is a primary color. In the yellow section it shows how to use different color patterns to color different objects. Each section has a page with 4 boxes on it with 2 showing how to do it and 2 for the child to try that technique. Then the page right next to it has a object that has been started with that technique and blank spaces for them to finish. 

In the Green section it talks about complimentary colors. Red and Green compliment each other when they are besides one another. The page is just like the yellow one above with 4 boxes that have 2 as an example and 2 empty for the child to try it out. Then on the next page they can try out their techniques and also use the complimentary colors together. 

Here is an example of technique the books shows. Some are easy and some are a little more complex. Below shows how they used dots and lines to create the turtle. It again shows the 4 boxes with 2 examples and 2 empty for the child to test it out. Then they take what they just practiced and put it to use in the picture of the turtle. 

They are also given other pages in the same section for the techniques to try out. The page below of the limes is to be done in the technique above that they learned from the turtle. It gives them plenty of practice and fun ways to use what they are learning!

Here is my son testing the book out and really enjoying different techniques and ways to use complimentary colors.

Here he is using the different techniques and colors by using the examples shown in the boxes above on the page. 

 He really enjoyed learning how different colors would compliment each other and create a picture that popped.

We are so thankful that Timberdoodle sent us the Beautiful Coloring book and definitely recommend it as a great add on to an Art curriculum. 

If you haven't checked out Timberdoodle they have amazing curriculum kits already put together for each grade as well as individual items to meet your homeschool needs!

(I was given the book in this review by Timberdoodle, but all opinions are my own)


  1. I love how interested your son was in trying out the different techniques. Sounds like it offers some ideas that can be carried into other projects as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How fun! I love the different techniques that are presented. My older children would love this.

  3. I love the way this coloring book gets kids drawing as well as coloring.


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