September 7, 2016

The First Day of School

We started our first day by taking the normal Back to School pictures we have done since they started Kindergarten. 

I went into this first day thinking we are going to have a good day. I am going to keep my cool and understand this is a transition for them as they have been in public school for so long. They blew my socks off with how well the day went. I know that won't always happen but our first day went really well. 

We don't have a set schedule with strict times. Instead, we have a schedule with items that have to be done that day. We started school at 9:00 and we were done within three hours. I felt that was pretty good for introducing their books to them and doing Science, Geography, Language Arts, Math, Reading, Spelling, and Literature. 

We also had a trip to the Library and they were so excited for the books they got they read them on the way home!

Overall I can't say it enough that they really surprised me. I thought I was going to pull my hair out and be way more stressed because they wouldn't want to do what I had planned, but they loved the first day.

We were having breakfast this morning before our second day and they both told me they loved homeschool and couldn't wait to get started today!!

Will update at the end of the week on how the rest of the week goes!

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