August 2, 2016

Fifth Grade Curriculum

My oldest son is 10 and entering Fifth Grade. He is very excited to be homeschooled this year! Here are the curriculum choice I chose for 2016-2017.

Math is a subject he struggles with here and there. I chose this program as I felt it would give him a review of what he knows plus slowly introduces new learning items.  

I decided to go with Level 4 for him as it states it can be used for Fifth Grade. He struggled with Language Arts in Fourth Grade so I feel it is best to really review items with him to be sure he understands before moving on. 

HistoryAmerica From the Beginning ( Shared Curriculum)
This is an area that my kids have not receive much information on. Our public school didn't seem to teach much History so I wanted to find a program that would start from the beginning and really show them our History.

This was a fun area to search through as I knew I wanted to teach my boys about creation and I wanted a Science program that didn't teach about evolution as it is not something we believe in. I wanted them to learn about Science from a Godly point of view and I felt this program was the right one for us. We will be learning about plants, animals, and the human body this year. 

Literature- Classic Literature, Volume 1 (Shared Curriculum)
I knew I wanted to do read-a-loud type curriculum with my boys this year as it would give us a fun sit down time to really go through classic books. I found Confessions of a Homeschooler's Literature Units to be perfect for what I was wanting to achieve. It gives them a Lapbook to work on and activities to go along with the book as we read. 

Geography- Road Trip USA (Shared Curriculum)
In fourth grade at the public school he went to they introduce States and Capitals but that is about as far as it went. I am excited to share with him where the states are and information about each state. 

This is a subject that is no longer taught at public school in our State. So I am excited about teaching it because I feel it is still needed even with how technological our society is, kids need to learn how to sign their name and write in cursive. 

Writing- Spectrum Grade 5
This was an area I questioned on if I really needed. So I looked through some of my sons past papers from the year before at public school. I read through them to realize that he had not been taught how to write proper sentences or even how to be creative in his writing. So I researched through several curriculum and found this one to be the one I liked the best. 

I chose this because it is mainly reading comprehension. This is an area that both of my boys struggle with. So I chose it to work with them and to reinforce how to comprehend what they have read. 

Spelling- Grade 5 List
I knew this was an area that my son is really good at so I didn't want to get to difficult with how he has already been learning spelling from past years. So I chose the basic Fifth Grade Spelling list that was free and that is what we are using this year. 

Art- World's Greatest Artist, Volume 1 (Shared Curriculum)
He loves Art so much and I am looking forward in giving him techniques and new things to try this year. This curriculum will offer a background in Art History and he will get to explore art culture. 

This is something he is not very interested in. So, I am still trying to decide if I will push him to do a Music Program this year. I am a firm believer in letting them choose this type of stuff. 

You will notice some of the choices say Shared Curriculum. These are subjects that we will work together on as they work well for grades 3 to 5.  I felt it was important to include times to work together as I am hoping to help my children bond, as well as learn. 

These are our Fifth Grade Curriculum choices. I will do a post at the end of the school year to share what I think of my choices. 

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