July 14, 2016

Create Your Own Dry Erase Board

I decided with our dedicated school room that I either wanted a dry erase board or a chalk board. I tossed the ideas back and forth for a month or so on what I really wanted. I knew chalk board was out as chalk is too messy and I didn't want to deal with that. So I started looking at dry erase boards and like many homeschoolers know, they are expensive!! So I was desperate to find a cheap alternative that would work just as good and save us some big money! I was not spending 100$ or more on this!

I went to Lowe's to look for something that would work. I started rethinking maybe I should just do chalk. We could always just paint with chalkboard paint right on the wall and that wouldn't be too expensive. I kept going back to the mess though. So while at Lowe's I did a google search for how to make your own dry erase board from Lowe's. The first thing to pop up was Marker board

I went right over to the isle it stated it was on and found this huge board that was 8 ft. long. My husband grabbed it and headed to the saw as they will cut it for free. Of course as we head that way we see the Saw Broken sign. So I started thinking what to do, how are we going to get this home and cut it ourselves. Is it even possible!? 

My next decision was not to get it, I would figure something else out. I then start heading out of the isle, low and behold I find a smaller piece!!! I look to see what the measurements are and they are an inch or two smaller than what I was wanting but it would work and I brought it home!! 

The total cost of this was $11.00!!! 

$10.00 for the Marker Board
$1.00 for the bulletin board borders from the Target Dollar Spot!

Figured I would share with others so people don't end up spending 100+ dollars on the same thing I put together for $11.00!!

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