June 17, 2016

Lots of Shopping!!

The title of this blog pretty much explains what I have been doing over the past two weeks. Tons of packages have been coming in and the kids are loving it! The excitement when they see what I have bought for our school room is enough to show me that we made the right decision to homeschool!

I started with buying our curriculum!
I'll share a sneak peek but go into more detail in a few weeks!

Third Grade

Fifth Grade

 Once curriculum was bought I decided we needed some manipulatives to go along with lessons and to have some fun with during our day! Christianbook.com has had amazing sales lately so I snatched up the following for 10.99 a piece. The math items came in one set and the science in the other set. I would link to them but they are no longer available which makes me sad because it was a really great deal! I will keep an eye though in case they pop back up! 

Now my next shopping trip was a spur of the moment trip! I stopped by Target because I heard rumors they already had the back to school stuff in the Dollar Spot! They do so if you had planned to hit Target for fun school room type stuff get there quick! They started it early this year!

My first find in the Dollar Spot was a set of multiplication and division cards for $1 a piece! Dylan will be using this year as he starts to learn multiplication and division. 

Next was two dry erase boards. One side is lined and the other is blank with a cute red border. Not sure what we will use these for just yet but I figured they may come in handy! They were $1 also!

My next find was this calendar set. It was $3. I wasn't sure this year if I wanted to have a calendar that was going to take up wall space or not as I haven't really decided how I want to do our morning time routine, but I figured I can use this to show when quiz days may be and when holidays are coming. It is dry erase which is nice so I can easily write on it also!

This right here is what I stopped in for. I love pocket charts and they can be so expensive! The ones in the dollar spot are just $1!! Sadly this was the only one they had so I am hoping they restock soon! 

They also had this Landmark Map which I thought was cute and could be fun to incorporate into our Geography lessons. I saw online that they had 3 different options but this was the only one my store had. It is $3 and comes with 5 markers and the paper is huge and good quality!

And last but not least I bought myself a little goody for my desk. Not sure how I will use it just yet but it was too cute to leave behind! It was 5$ and in the dollar spot as well! 

Next up on my list of shopping is school supplies. I am just waiting for the back to school sales to hit stores first!!

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