May 27, 2016

What Are These Changes?

Over the years this blog started as a homeschool blog. I was homeschooling my children through preschool and when they reached Kindergarten age they started public school. 

Then the time came that I really didn't have homeschool type stuff to talk about so I tried to go a different route with more organization, crafts, and beauty. That didn't work so well and I have taken quite a bit of time off.  I like that type of stuff but it wasn't what I wanted to blog about. 

Then I had college, mom life, and even a surgery in the midst of it all. So the blog was often abandoned. 

Well I am back and the news is......

We are homeschooling again!!

My boys are entering 3rd grade and 5th grade at this time. We have decided although public school was a good fit for us at one point, this past school year just wasn't going the way we wanted it to go. Teaching styles and state mandated tests brought on a lot of unnecessary stress for our boys. So, we made the decision that I would homeschool this next year for them and take it one year at a time and see where this goes. 

I am excited to be heading down the homeschool path once again and our boys are both excited!

I am not going to sit here and say I will post on certain days, but I will be posting more often than in the recent months. My plan for now is to start posting about what I am doing this Summer to plan for this next year of schooling. 

I have to find curriculum, change my office back into a school room, and buy school supplies. I plan to share this process with you all and hopefully have some new printables in the near future!

See y'all next time!!

(Did y'all notice the new background and font in the header?)

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