December 9, 2014

Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

I have been in love with deco mesh wreaths for a while now and never could make myself make one as I had a hard time understanding the tutorials, even though they are super easy. I finally sat down to try to figure it out and decided I would make an easy tutorial for beginners like me! 

To start you need

A wreath form. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. If you can't find one with the pipe cleaners attached just buy a normal wire wreath and find pipe cleaners that you can attach yourself. 

1 roll of deco mesh in any color you choose. (5 1/2 x 30 feet)
Some type of accent ribbon ( I went with tinsel wired ribbon)
Decorations of your choice for accents
(I accidentally bought more than I really needed for this wreath but you get the idea from this picture.)

 Now let's get started!

To start you take your wire wreath and deco mesh. You will need the whole roll of deco mesh for this wreath so do not cut at any time. 

Take the end and scrunch the piece and twist the pipe cleaner around it. I started with my inner ring of my wreath.

 Now you just start making bumps in the deco mesh. Try to keep them the same length and bumpiness around the whole wreath.

 Go around the inner ring once and then go again a second time. Keep making the bumps as this adds fullness to your wreath.

 Once I had gone around the inner ring twice without cutting I headed to the outer ring. Continue doing the bumps just like your inner ring on the outer ring.

Go around the outer loop twice and you should be at the end of your roll. If not keep going because the more bumps you have the fuller your wreath will look. 

 At that point my main part of my wreath is done.

Next I added my tinsel wired ribbon. I just zig-zagged  it throughout my wreath to my liking using the same pipe cleaners that were on the wreath to begin with.

Then attach your accent pieces to your liking. I attached mine to the back and had it pop up through the center. (I later replaced it with some snowflakes for my Christmas decor). 

There is my finished Christmas wreath! I had so much fun making it! 
Have you ever made one of these? If not give it a try!

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