December 12, 2013

"Don’t fret over your presents -- Christmas cards are the perfect project this season"

Crafting Creative Christmas Cards
Don’t fret over your presents -- Christmas cards are the perfect project this season

Christmas can be a pretty stressful time for moms, as there’s just so much to do around the house. Moms need to plan Christmas dinner, visits to family, and an endless list of Christmas presents for their kids’ friends, teachers, and classmates. Moms could spend hours and countless dollars shopping for presents -- or they could get crafty and have their kids help them out with creative gifts.
There’s nothing quite as touching as receiving a personalized Christmas card for the holidays, and this simple project is something that your kids will surely enjoy working on. Even in this digital age, people are still enjoying giving out Christmas cards, and the Greeting Card Association reported that 1.6 billion Christmas cards are purchased and given out every year.

Of course, there are so many different shops that sell Christmas cards, and many people will probably be heading to Hallmark for a quick gift, but instead of giving out these generic cards to the people you care about, moms can opt to make festive cards with their kids.
First, pick out some material -- and get lots of it! Cardboard is probably the easiest choice, but you should consider breaking out of the box and using something more creative. In recent years, M&S has popularized Christmas cards made from felt, which is a material that’s also easy to work with. Felt adds a nice texture to your cards, and you can cut it out into different shapes and figures to add more personality to your cards.

Make sure that your designs include something that allows the receiver to identify it with you. Kim of Northern California Style says her mother always chose Christmas cards with snow scenes because they reminded her of her childhood, and your kids’ Christmas cards should have that same element.

You can also add a twist to the generic family portrait cards that have become so popular. If you’re crafting, you can make cut-out figures that resemble you and your family members and add those to the card, rather than just taking a photo and adding “Merry Christmas” in a festive font at the bottom. This also lets you avoid disasters like the family portraits on, since you have full control of what goes into your cards.

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