October 26, 2012

Just a Random Update

This post is super random and scattered a bit so don't mind the jumping from one topic to another. 

We have been super busy at our house lately. Making sure we fit Dylan's school in, Austin's homework, My school work, and other household activities. 

Dylan's school is going great. He is learning and loves it! We have done letters A-H and numbers 1-8. He can identify them all and loves doing school. 

Austin had  his first parent teacher conference and is doing well in all areas of his class. He is reading more and more which is crazy to me as I no longer have to read him a book as I catch him all the time reading to himself. 

My school is going great and I am finishing up my last math class and a management class right now. Next classes start Monday and I will be taking Biology and Paths of Pathology. 

Other activities that have been keeping us busy is spending time with friends. We have new neighbors that we have hit it off with so our days and evenings are spent outside quite a bit socializing and enjoying our new friendships. We have also started taking the boys to the Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops when they have them and they love to build their own toys. I think it is a great activity as they are learning hand eye coordination with the hammer and nails and they get to see what they can create each time. 

I am constantly working at new Learning Packs and I even have a few Freebies in the works for the next month! It's hard to believe that October is almost over. 

The boys are excited for Halloween as they finally picked out their costumes. Austin is going to be a pirate and Dylan is going to be Woody from Toy Story. 

We plan to go to the Red Ribbon Parade in our town tomorrow morning (if its not too cold), then we  will carve pumpkins, and our town has a trick or treat down town tomorrow night! Super busy day tomorrow! Sunday will be our relax day hopefully. And then Wednesday the boys can't wait to go Trick or Treat in our old neighborhood. 

That's how our life has been going lately and I hope to update soon with some school pics from our activities to get ready for Halloween! 

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