October 11, 2012

Halloween Fun Giveaway

With Halloween approaching I like to include some Halloween fun without talking gory talk! We keep it simple and fun! Not scary at all. At our house we do the Halloween thing but to my kids that is dressing up in a character that is not scary and go get candy. We do not celebrate the real meaning of Halloween.

So this year I came up with my Halloween Learning Pack. It is simple fun and can be used as alternative activities to the normal day activities. 

This is a 30 page Learning Pack filled with spooky fun just for Halloween! 

Activities include:

Haunted House Color by Number
Make a Pumpkin
Make a Monster
Writing Prompts
Counting Circle
Three Part Puzzles
Alphabet Match
Candy Corn Counting
What's Missing
Size Sort Pumpkins
Shape Ghosts
Color Candy Sorting
Book Summary

 You will notice a few old activities from my Halloween Tot Kit (no longer free) and a bunch of new fun activities! 

You can get it HERE and I hope you all enjoy this fun learning pack!

For a little fun, post a comment and Tomorrow 10/12, I will pick 2 winners randomly!


  1. We like the fun side of Halloween, too!

  2. Too cute!


  3. I love it. I wish I were as talented and organized as you. I really want to be better at teaching my girls!

  4. I'm from Australia, where Halloween was always pretty much a non-event. I like my kids to have seasonal fun, but we don't like the gory occult stuff either! Give me pumpkins and candy corn!

  5. I appreciate your work. My daughter enjoys the learning play we do with what you share.

  6. Thanks for all the time you put into making your printables! We love the!

  7. Your packs are so cute, and thank you for all the energy you put in them.

  8. I am your newest follower.

  9. I have been following you and love your ideas. hcarpenter@ebrschools.org

  10. Hello from Singapore! I've been 'blog stalking' you for a while and love all your packs!

  11. Just wanted to Thank You for sharing all your wonderful things!!


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