September 5, 2012

Circle Time Journal

We have started school officially today! 

I wanted to share a little about what we started today with focusing on our Circle Time. 
This is where we start our day. We sing songs, read a book, do Calendar, talk about our focuses of the day such as Letter, Number, Color, and Shape. And we have one focus on a topic, like today's was "What makes you special?" and we talk about it. 

To go along with our Circle Time I wanted something that would help prolong this time just a little bit and to also reiterate on our key points of the week. 

Each day after Circle Time.

He will start with writing his name at the top. 
( I am pretty proud of where he is with this as he has never done this before)

Next we determine what we had just said was the Day of the Week and he colors in the appropriate rectangle. 
Then I write the month as he is not at that point yet and he fills in the number of the date for that day. 
Then we discuss what our letter, number, color, and shape of the week are and he fills them in on each box on the paper. 

Then we discuss what we talked about was the weather outside and he colors in the square that goes with the weather that day. 

Here is the final page from today. 

I have the pages printed and hole punched to fit in a binder with the cover that is in the printable I will share below. 
This will be a daily journal that we can look back on and review with at the end of the year. 

You can get these printables for free HERE or HERE.

I know there are many versions of these printables out there but I needed to make something that went with our Circle Time exactly so I hope you all Enjoy this printable! 

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