August 23, 2012

Classroom Pictures!!!

I am thrilled to say our schoolroom is complete except for our Art wall which will come as he completes art work! 

I have been working on this room since before Summer. 

Now on to the pictures! 

When you walk through the doorway this is what you see.
My desk and planning area.

Here is a bit of a better picture of my area. The area above my desk is our Art Wall.

To the right of my desk this is what you see.
Our bulletin board, Numbers 1-30, Colors, Table from IKEA, Our Trofast System from IKEA and Word Wall.

To the right of the Word Wall is our Ordinal Numbers at the top, Schedule below that and our Calendar in the orange square.

Just to the right of that and on the left side of the door are our shapes.
 And between the entrance door and bathroom door is our Alphabet and Geography area on those white boards, and the bin on the bottom is our Sensory Bin.

I am in love with our room and can't wait to start our Curriculum on Monday as we are ready to go now!


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