July 13, 2012

Target Dollar Spot!

Oh how I love Target! I could go everyday and find something new to bring home! Especially with that Dollar Spot! My husband dreads going to Target because we always come home with a bunch of stuff we hadn't planned on buying. 

The other day we were in there and the Dollar spot was completely empty, which made me sad, but then I remembered its back to school time which meant teacher goodies were coming out! 

So, I had to head there today because all of the teaching supplies go so fast I didn't want to miss out on things I needed. And I am glad I went! 

My main goal was to get pocket charts because spending 30+ dollars on them is not within my budget and I wanted them badly for our classroom! So when I spotted these I bought two for myself and two for a friend that homeschools! Just couldn't pass up spending a dollar on each!

Next I spotted the Magazine holders that are turquoise and lime green which goes with my classroom colors! I don't know what I will use them for yet but I liked them so I bought them.

I found the 10 pack of All about me Posters and thought it would be neat to do with Dylan. And I will share them with my friend as well. 

I spotted the dry erase markers and wanted some skinny ones for Dylan to use for daily activities and they were also just a dollar. 

And as we were walking away from the area I saw the stocker putting the scoops out and with us starting sensory bins this year again I knew I needed one! And lime green just made me know we needed it! 

See what I mean I get carried away a bit at that store! Tricked my husband into thinking I was just getting pocket charts and ended up with a little more than expected! He knows though that I am saving money in the long run! 

I know we are all in the planning process of school for next year so make sure you go check out your local Target's Dollar Spot! 

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  1. Yep I love the dollar spot at target. I have a freebie calender that works perfectly with the Target pocket charts. Come by and visit.


    I have not seen the all about me posters...I will have to keep looking.


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