March 2, 2012

Pre-K for Dylan

The plan all along was to send Dylan to Pre-K at the same school Austin goes to right now. We head to enroll him this morning to then find out that our town does a lottery system and they can't guarantee he will be in the same school as Austin. To me that right there was enough to say no way is he going to school this year I will just home-school him  for Pre-K. So we head home. Then the real thoughts popped in my head as we school now but not as much as we normally would have before I started schooling plus on top of it all I have to concentrate on Austin's homework also. So I start to worry how can I do all of this plus keep a tidy house, continue with my straight A's in my classes and just maintain it all. Then I look at it as I don't really have a choice I don't want my child miles away in a different school than Austin.So home-schooling for Pre-K it is! 

It seems most moms start preparing in the summer for the next year but I figure with my busy schedule it is best to start now! So today I started working on our Goals for Dylan for the next year and also need to collect some new items for our classroom. Our classroom! We don't even have one anymore so that is another step I have to do this summer is turn Dylan's bedroom or our Dining room back into a school type of room. Can you hear how stressed I am? I am just going to chill and figure it will all work out. Right?!? 

My husband said that my new title will just be Super-MOM this next year because I am going to be busy non-stop! 

So what does this mean for y'all? Expect more printables in the next year as I have to have some new stuff for Dylan right? Sounds like y'all are going to be getting quite a few fun things as I have started planning! I will post my 2012-2013 Pre-K Goals Soon and some of the activity ideas we will be working on.

I am looking forward to it just hope it is less stressful once we actually get started in August.


  1. You'll do great - you have lots of multi-tasking experience! :)

    A couple of preschool suggestions: All About Learning Press's Pre-Level 1 is excellent and they learn a ton even if they already know some of all of the letter sounds. Worht every penny.

    Also, Wee Folk Art ( has an excellent free curriculum for fall-spring and they're about to release one for summer as well. We love its gentle approach and suggested could probably easily tie in printables for it also. Just check the book list ahead of time because some are older and need more hunting or substituting.

    Just my two cents. :)

  2. wow a lottery system?!

    I love your website so many greta ideas for me to do at home with my kids - thanks.

  3. Sorry - my last post was for the post on "Pre-K for Dylan". I didn't realize there were three stories on this page. Oops!

  4. I just found your blog and it is wonderful! We are in a similar situation with preschool for next year - we recently moved and all the schools are filled by us - ugh! I look forward to your ideas since I have no idea how to do this...Thanks Sarah


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