January 2, 2012

Some Changes....

As the blog has sat here and the wonderful New Year has started I have realized I need to change just a few things to make myself a little happier with my blog. I need to turn from just home schooling to more of the life of a stay at home mom type of blog. I will cover things that happen in our day to day life, as well as the life of a college mama, I will also be covering the silly things that happen in our lives that make being a stay at home mom worth it. I just want to have more of a variety of things on the blog. I will still post some home school type of things, and my printables and all my past posts will still be available for resources, but I am going to start posting other stuff as well. 

So you may notice a few changes in the design as I will be changing the navigation bar above and a few other things this week. But expect some new posts!

I hope you will all stick along for the ride as I try to keep the blog interesting and fun for all of us.

If you have any type of posts you'd like to see feel free to leave a comment.

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