January 25, 2012

College Life can interfere at times...

It's been a little bit since I posted as I have two huge assignments due in a couple weeks so most of my free time has been going to research and rough drafts and power point assignments. Although I do try to take off from school on the weekends, as much as I can because I like that to be family time.

Two weeks ago we enjoyed some time at the zoo with the boys.

That same weekend we took the boys to go see Happy Feet 2 in the little theater in our town.

This past weekend we didn't do much as a friend of the family passed away and we went down to visit with his family in this hard time. So we have been dealing with that as the guy that passed away was like a brother to my husband. 

We had one really cold day so the boys enjoyed pulling out their snow jackets!

But that pretty much is our life right now. 

I plan to post a new recipe on Friday! 

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  1. just came accross your site for the first time. I LOVE IT. these are the best printables i have ever found for my kids. PLEASE keep it up. thank you!!!!


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